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How to Wrap

Here are some tutorials on how to use our wrap.


Here are our latest tutorial video's showing how to apply our Wraps to Bodywork.

What You’ll Need

1. Stanley blade (precision cutting blade)
2. Heat gun / Hair dyer
3. Plastic / Soft Squeegee (available in our Tools Section)
4. Patience!



1. Clean the object you're wrapping. This ensures that the vinyl adheres properly.
2. Prepare the items you need, see above.
3. Cut the film to a size that fully covers your object, make sure it is bigger not smaller, but don't waste too much either as you'll be cutting the excess off.
4. Apply the wrap and avoid bubbles by doing it patiently or use a card/squeegee to streak out the bubbles if needed. Use a hair dryer or heat gun for areas of awkward shape. The heat will cause the vinyl to soften and flex better. Use your fingers or some tool to push in any indents you want to show up.
5. Use a Stanley knife to cut off the edges, holes etc to get the desired look.