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What size sheet do I need?

It is best to measure up the part or your vehicle or project you want to wrap and allow for a 20cm overlap on each panel. Also we have put together a size guide below:

Bonnets and Roofs - Most Cars can get away with a 1.52 x 1.5m size sheet but some larger cars will need a 1.52 x 2m sheet.

For a full car a small hatchback like a VW Polo would need 1.52 x 13 meters of wrap where a large saloon would need 1.52 x 18 meters and jeeps would need 1.52 x 22 meters.

Full sports bikes would need approx 1.52 x 4 meters of wrap and larger touring bikes would need upto 6 meters in length.

Quick tip: The dimensions of your vehicle can easily be found by using google, for example type in the search box 'BMW M3 dimensions' and click on images and your cars diagram will come up.

How do I clean your car wrapping vinyl?

Our Vinyl can be cleaned with commercially available synthetic detergents and a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use abrasive materials and be sure to rinse off all detergent.

Can I apply your Car Wrapping Vinyl to MDF board and other surfaces?

Absolutely! The vehicle wrap we supply is also perfect for wrapping furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, desks and anything you can think of.

Is Car wrapping vinyl removable?

Yes, the product can be removed with heat and cleaners and will not damage the surface, in fact it will protect the surface it covers. Many car buyers 


How do I prepeare the surface for wrapping?

Clean the surface normally with soapy water. Then you need to degrease the surface so wipe it down with thinners or alcohol wipes and the surface should be ready for wrapping. 


What tools do I need for wrapping?

The main tool you will need is a squeegee and a blade which you can buy from us here. You will also need a heatgun for large projects or if your doing a small part then a hairdryer will do. We also recommend using a primer like 3M 94 on your projects edges and recesses to create an extra bond and prevent the vinlys from lifting when stretched.

Do you offer a Trade Discount?

While are main clientele are DIY fitters we can supply our frequent buyers with a discount. Please see our Frequent Buyers Section for more info.